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Home Audio

Music is the soul of your home, bring all those memories, reunite friends and family, rejoice along with your best tunes, everything from the comfort of your house with architectural speakers embedded in your ceiling or wall. 

Professional Audio

We provide design and installation services for small and large scale audio projects such as restaurants, lounges and clubs.

Video And Signage

No matter what your needs are, we have the right solution for your project, we provide video distribution, video signage and screen wiring and installation fo your home or business.

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Nobody has better prices than us, guaranteed. All of our home audio systems come with free installation (Only in DFW Area).


It depends, a quick formula would be the average radius of the height of your ceiling per speaker. I.E; a house with 10′ ceiling may set up a speaker every 10′ of radius on your ceiling. For in-wall speakers the formula is a little bit different.

Sky is the limit and there’s plenty of amazing brands available such as Sonos, Artison, JBL and Bose. We recommend Artison and Sonos for their ease of integration with Home Automation systems.

They’re designed for different usages, in-ceiling speakers provide an acoustic experience and natural feeling for larger spaces such as a whole home, apartment, office space, lobby, etc. On the other hand, in-wall speakers provide a better experience on fixed spaces such as living room or entertainment room.

Each client has different preferences but you recommend wired systems, wireless systems are easier to set up and install but they’re backed up by a battery in most of the cases, wich means that eventually they’ll lose their power and the sound definition will gradually decrease. Maintenance as battery change will be quite more often than wired systems.