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At CED Group USA, we specialize in transforming spaces with innovative technology solutions. From seamless home automation setups to immersive audiovisual installations, we tailor each project to enhance your lifestyle. Our expertise extends to commercial projects, where we design and implement robust network infrastructure, ensuring seamless connectivity and efficient operations. Whether you’re looking to upgrade your security systems, optimize energy efficiency with smart lighting, or create a state-of-the-art home theater, our expert team delivers excellence in every detail. Explore how CED Group USA can elevate your home and business with cutting-edge technology and personalized service.

Network Cabling and Audio-Visual Setup

UTA University, Arlington, TX

CED Group USA enhanced UTA University in Arlington, TX with expert network cabling, switch installation, and advanced audio-visual integration. Our solutions optimize connectivity and support seamless multimedia communication across campus, empowering academic and administrative operations.

Home Automation

Home Automation Installation for Modern Living

CED Group USA specializes in seamlessly integrating smart home automation solutions. Our expert installations enhance convenience, security, and energy efficiency, tailored to optimize your home’s functionality and elevate your living experience.

Network Infrastructure Setup

Touchtone Imaging Call Center, Lewisville, TX


Network Infrastructure Setup for Touchtone Imaging Call Center, Fort Worth

CED Group USA expertly deployed a robust network infrastructure for the Touchtone Imaging call center in Fort Worth. Our tailored solutions ensure seamless connectivity and reliable communication, optimizing operational efficiency and supporting the center’s business needs effectively.

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