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Life Made Easier

Access all the functions of your home or business with unparalleled convenience. Control everything from lighting, climate settings, entertainment, to security from a single, intuitive app.


Control everything, anywhere

Be the master of your home and access all the functionalities of it from one  place.

Centralized Control, Multiple Commands

The power of controlling your home using multiple devices, routines, gestures and even your voice.


It’s a home that’s equipped with smart devices to automate and control household systems such as thermostats, lighting, security cameras, and more. The benefits of a smart home include everything from saving energy and money to increasing security and convenience.

Here are some of the most useful and popular home automation features:

1. Smart lights
2. Automatic door locks and garage door openers
3. Smart security cameras and smart alarm systems
4. Automatic blinds
5. Automatic heating and cooling
6. Distributed audio video systems
7. App controlled music, lighting, shades, security, and more

There are virtually many benefits of having a smart home including; Safety, Convenience, Centralized Control, Comfort and Peace of Mind.

But some features that we’d like to remark are the benefits that brings to your pocket such as energy savings and home value increasing, studies found that houses with automation devices increased 5% in value and sell 26% faster in the marketplace.

Not necessarily, a strong WiFi connection is all you need to set them all, but we strongly recommend building a private network besides your WiFi, this has no extra cost with your internet provider and the speed/privacy benefits that it brings you are totally worth it.

We recommend CAT6 and up home networks, junction boxes and dedicated rooms/spaces at home for wires, routers and network devices.

Every project is different, at CED Group we offer a FREE consultation no matter the size of the project, every customer set the budget based in their needs or willingness to invest in home automation devices, it can start from a few thousand dollars for a basic system up to tens of thousands for complex systems, you set your limit, options are infinite.