Intuitive Lighting

A distinct atmosphere for movie-like romantic dinners, ambiance for the softness and comfort that family-time requires, or perhaps lighting that closely follows the color and pacing of natural sunlight. You’re made into an artist of ambiance while expressing the wonder of smart home lighting.


Motorized Shades and Blinds

Essential part of the modern home. Refined in appearance and available in a number of fabric designs, styles, and finishes, automated shades allow you to regulate the amount of natural light that streams in. Create a specific vibe, or enjoy the full privacy of your home — all with a simple touch or tap.

The perfect balance between natural and artificial light

The use of automated lighting and shades across your home or business is an art. Each person may express it quite differently. However, with endless choice at the tap of a screen, you’ll be able to control the ambiance no matter what the time of day calls for. 


Absolutely, we like  making the difference, we offer you custom switches for different rooms in your home and for those customers with a luxury taste we can offer custom switches made in palladium, they usually arrive within 2 to 3 weeks.

Absolutely no. These motors are designed to be incredibly subtle so that you don’t even notice they’re at work.

The beauty of motorized shades is that they can come in virtually any fabric or pattern that you can imagine.

And whether you want drapes, roller shades, honeycomb or any other style, there’s a solution to fit your needs.

It’s all up to your taste. Battery powered shades and blinds are faster to install and batteries can last up to three years of use, thus motorized shades/blinds will never run out power,

Absolutely! We can confidently say that there is a smart shading or blinds solution out there that will fit your home’s design. There’s more than 1,500 materials and fabrics to choose from.